Yep, that’s right, we’re buying a house. It’s a confusing process so far, but I think we’re starting to get a handle on it. Our agent wasn’t very helpful, so we decided to stop working with her and just have the listing agents show us houses until we came across an agent that we wanted to work with exclusively. This led to an odd, Seinfeld-esque conversation last night when we met with David, the listing agent for this property. After determining that we didn’t already have an agent, he said several times that he would be happy to help us make an offer on this place, or show us any other places we would be interested in. We politely avoided his come-ons, just saying thank you. I suspect that he thought we just weren’t getting it, because just before we left, he came right out and said it.

David: What I’m saying is that I would like to be your agent.

Preston: Well, we appreciate that, but we really feel like we should keep seeing other people for a while.

DeAnna: It’s not you, it’s us. We just aren’t ready to commit to exclusivity right now.

Preston: Exactly, you know, we don’t feel like we’re completely recovered from the last agent. We’re just not ready to commit to that level of trust with a new agent yet.

DeAnna: But you shouldn’t take it personally. You’re really doing a good job, I’m sure you’re a great agent. We just aren’t ready for that level of commitment. We’ll call you if we change our minds.

Not really. Preston and I didn’t have our parts of the conversation until we were in the car driving away. But David did really say that, and it totally felt like a proposition. In reality, we just smiled and nodded politely and thanked him again for the offer without answering his question. Which, now that I think of it, is pretty much how Preston and I both respond to most kinds of propositions.

Also, we pretty much decided against the house. It’s a really cute house, and I liked it a lot. But for the price, we could get something less cute, but in the city of Olympia, which we would prefer. We are seriously considering this house though. It’s a low enough price that it’s worth living 30 minutes from Olympia. It doesn’t have a garage, so we have to do some research about how much it would cost to build our own, and if there’s room for it on the property, before we make an offer.