I’ve been working through the process of creating yarn from sheep hair. I had done all the other steps, but hadn’t tried my hand at carding yet. This week I gave it a go, and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as you might think. I thought my shoulders would fall off after the first night. I was very glad to find this really helpful set of online videos showing the process with handcarders. That’s not how I was doing it, and her way is a *lot* easier. So here’s the wool that I’ve carded in the last couple nights, and it’s the last of the wool I have to prepare for spinning.

handful of rolags, carded wool

Now I get to do just the spinning (which is my favorite part), or I can start cleaning and processing the big bag of llama hair that Kathy brought me last year. I suspect that wool is a lot easier to spin than llama hair, so I think I’ll stick with wool as long as I have supplies.