…here’s how Preston’s day at the beach looked.

But back to being self-centered, I’m really becoming unhappy with my camera. It’s been really great for the sort of photographer I’ve been for the last couple years, but I feel like I really need to upgrade in order to be able to do what I want to do these days. For instance, the telephoto lens that is available for it is just not good quality. These surf pictures of Preston just don’t have the clarity that they should have at this level of zoom. The macro shots also don’t come out as clear as they should. And what I really need these days is control over the focus. This camera that I have gives me manual control over everything except focus if I want it. But I’m at a stage where I really want to be able to do the focus also. Especially where I’m taking pictures at the ocean, it’s hard to convince the auto focus to focus exactly where I want it. Unfortunately, the next step up is a really expensive one. I have the high-end of the point-n-shoot cameras. To step up, I have to move into the realm of digital SLRs, and we’re talking around $1000 for the minimum kit that I would want. I’m working on convincing Preston that we should go in halves on one, but you know I can only work on him on so many issues at once, and I’ve already started my campaign to convince him that we need a dog when we move into our new house.