After my first attempt at knitting and the creation of The Perfect Thing, you might have thought that I would just call that my masterpiece and move on to other more important things. Like, you know, sitting around watching HGTV on the cable. But no! I was determined to top even that level of beauty and creativity and I set out to create something that actually involved (gasp!) planning ahead. And here we have knitting project number two: (It’s a pillow!)

knit pillow

knit pillow reverse side

It doesn’t totally come through in the internet versions, but there is a square of vertical stripes in the middle of all the horizontal stripes. I think it’s kinda nifty. I actually had to count stitches! I suppose those who are naturally gifted at knitting don’t find it challenging to count to 10 and then to 20 and then to 10 again, but us “creative types” struggle with math, you know?

And then, all jacked up with the success of creating an actual functioning pillow (look at that honey! you could lay your head right down on that thing and have a nap and wake up with a funny square knitting pattern right on the side of your face and I think that means that it is a pillow!), I decided to tackle the dreaded circular needles. Not only are circular needles sort of intimidating in themselves like some sort of assassin’s tool, if you are making anything that’s going to decrease in width (like a hat or socks or mittens) you will at some point have to switch to double-pointed needles, which looks very scary in all the pictures because it seems like you’re supposed to use 5 different needles, each of them with two ends and, I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS! But it turns out that the circular needles are even easier to use than straight ones, and although you do have to use 5 double-pointed needles at the end, you only use two at a time and ignore the others. If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s ignoring stuff, so that worked out just fine for me and I made this lovely hat.

first knit hat project

side view of knit hat

Obviously, there are a few quirks to work out (next time I will start with fewer cast-on stitches and work further before I start decreasing…and of course, there’s that whole tension issue), but I was just excited that it was identifiable as a hat rather than something you would make with string and a garrote.