It pretty much looks like we’re buying a house. However, it also looks like we might be inheriting a problem renter. She’s taken very good care of the house, but she doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to move out. She’s supposed to be out on the 30th of this month (as in, 7 days from now) but she doesn’t seem to have made much progress in finding a place. Preston and I don’t want our first act as new homeowners to be booting someone out on the street. It just seems like bad karma. So we signed an agreement with the current seller that if there’s anyone in there after closing, the seller will pay us $32/day ($950/month) for every day that we can’t move into it. Hopefully, that will be enough incentive for the seller to get her out of there ASAP. Our agreement expires on April 30th, so if she’s still in there at that point, we won’t feel bad any more about booting her out. At that point, she’ll be a squatter and not a renter so we won’t have to evict her, we’ll just have to have her arrested for trespassing. Which is still a big pain in the ass. Hopefully, the seller will evict her before we get to that step.

But other than that fairly major inconvenience, everything seems to be moving forward. We meet at the title company on Monday to sign all the final papers so that the closing can happen as planned on the 30th. As far as I know, there’s nothing that can fall through at this point, so it appears that we will own a house next week. We’ve started thinking about decorating options. In particular, we have to take out all the carpets and paint the walls before we can move in, since the tenant has been smoking in the house for the last four or five years. After looking into all of our flooring options, we’ve decided that you can actually do really cool things with concrete floors. It’s not just for warehouses and garages anymore. It’s relatively eco-friendly, and you can paint it and stain it in all sorts of beautiful ways. So the big decision to be made is about paint colors for both walls and floor (the ceiling is all popcorn which we don’t want to deal with, so that will stay white). I started collecting paint color books, and I cut out all my favorite color combinations to show Preston.

Each card shows a combination of four colors that I like a lot. Preston gets overwhelmed by too many options, so I’m not even showing him the whole books. This stack of colors is probably plenty overwhelming. I also picked my favorite combination out of all of them, so now it’s a matter of negotiating with Preston to pick a cohesive picture. He has a tendency to refuse to follow the structures I like. (“Sure, we can use your tan and orange scheme, but also I want to paint my room bright green.”) Anyway, here are my choices.

Of course, the colors don’t come out on the computer screen, but that gives you an idea. We’d use only one tan, one white, and one pink color, rather than the two variations that are shown in this scheme. The dark purple on the lower right will probably switch out for a dark orange-red (darker and redder than the upper left square) to suit Preston’s quirky taste. And I’m thinking the concrete floor will be whichever tan color we go with. I’m thinking that using one light color for all the floors (except the bathroom and kitchen, which are already tiled) will help make the place look bigger, and will also be easy to deal with, rather than trying some complex artistic thing with the floors right now.