I’m going to be away from internet and cell access for the next week or so. I got an opportunity to work a course with a really cool Seattle non-profit called Passages NW which does teambuilding and rites-of-passage stuff with teen girls. We’ll be out in eastern Washington hiking and rockclimbing with the sophomore class of a Tacoma private school. 30 girls who have never camped before in their lives, 8 staff, and 4 days outside in early spring in the desert. Some people’s idea of Hell; my vision of a perfect job. 🙂 We leave early Monday morning and will be back late on Thursday.

I’ll probably skip the Self-Portrait Challenge all of this month, since I’ll be gone this week, next week Preston’s mom will be visiting, and the following week is SEAF plus auditions for a local improv troupe. It’s turning into a busy spring all of a sudden. The following weeks (fingers crossed) we’ll be closing on our house. We have a few days’ vacation schedule the last weekend of March up at La Push, and then we start ripping out carpet and searching for salvaged hardwood floors so that we can move in to our new place the end of April.

No doubt, I’ll have some good stories after this week. And I have some thoughts about the work I’ve been doing in public schools which I have been pondering for a while, but I hope to have a chance to write down in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.