Last weekend, I was wandering around the back yard trying to clear my head of primer fumes before tackling the next project when I saw a dragonfly on a stump. For a second, I wished I had my camera on me, but I thought that dragonflies always fly away before you can get a shot anyway. But this dragonfly stayed in the same spot for several minutes while I watched it. Finally, I walked back into the house and grabbed my camera. It was still there when I came back, and it didn’t even twitch when I took several close-up pictures of it. I started to think that maybe it was dead, but can they hold on to a vertical surface after they die? And then I wondered if maybe they molt, and what I was seeing was a molted shell. It stayed in precisely the same spot for around four hours, and I was convinced that it must not be alive. But then I went out there later in the afternoon and it was gone, with no sign of it on the ground near the stump. Did something eat it? Did it fly away after all?

Also in the backyard is a spot where there used to be a stump sitting in the grass, so the grass is mostly dead. Around that circle of grass there have been several mushrooms growing, all the same type. Does anyone know what they are? I don’t have any good mushroom ID books.