Finished the floors tonight:

I’m sending some paint cards to Kathy, since she’s going to weave us a groovy rug. Since I was writing down the color combos, I thought I’d share them here also, in case you’re curious. Here are all the colors we used in the house:

Preston’s room is white with the dark blue trim. My room is white with one pink wall. I haven’t done the trim yet, but I think I’ll use the grey color. The bathroom is the medium blue with the dark blue trim. The living room has one white wall, two grey walls, and one pink-ish wall. The kitchen is mostly white with one pink-ish wall. We haven’t decided for sure about the trim in the kitchen. I’ll decide about that when I paint the kitchen cabinets.

For now, we’re out of time for decorating and we have 6 days to get everything packed and moved and the old apartment cleaned.