While the house is on hold waiting for the bedroom floor to be done, I’ve been entertaining myself in the yard. It’s running out of time to get my garden started, so I’ve been hard at work.

At the local building salvage place, I got a raging deal on cedar 2×8’s (about 60 linear feet for $35). The wood is totally beautiful.

I finished up nailing the beds together yesterday. Then today I layered cardboard over the bottom (it just so happens that we have a lot of cardboard laying around these days).

and then I got a truckbed of dirt from a local garden supply place. Actually, to be more specific, it’s well-aged horse manure mixed with mushroom compost. Smells kinda strong, but it’s good stuff.

There were two pre-existing raised beds in the yard from the previous tenants. I used up the compost pile that was left behind in filling one of those beds a few days ago and planted my lettuce in it. Today I saw the first little lettuce seedlings coming up. Hurray!

Also, while I was messing around in the yard, I got around to putting up the driftwood sculpture so that Surfer Dude Magoo can get in and out the living room window more easily.