That’s right, it’s another gardening week here at the ol’ homestead. I got tons of stuff planted, and also created my first little mini-greenhouse.

Isn’t it cute?! The bed is approx 4′ by 6′ and the peak of the cover is about 3′ tall. That’s a single pane window on the left side of the picture (south-facing), and the plastic on the opposite side can be rolled up out of the way for access. The garden bed itself was already here when we moved in, the window came from Craigslist for free, the wood came from salvaged pallets, and the plastic was leftover from painting. So the only thing about the project that cost me any money was the dirt…around $8 for the amount in this bed. We had various screws and nails around, though if I had needed to buy those they might have added a few more dollars to the project. I can’t wait to get some tomatoes and peppers going.

I also took several pictures of the plantings so far, mostly to help me remember where I planted things. I put them behind a link because they aren’t that interesting unless you want to keep track of what I’m planting in my garden.

There’s celery, chinese celery, red cabbage, arugula, two kinds of carrots, two kinds of radishes, tons of lettuce, spinach, and salad burnet. I’m starting a lot of this cooler season stuff pretty late, so I put it over in the bed that gets a little more shade. It probably still gets 8 to 10 hours of full sun per day, if the sun is out, which it wasn’t today.

There’s also two kinds of kohlrabi in one row in the smaller bed. This is the bed that I turned into the greenhouse today, because the window already fit it. I’m afraid that the kohlrabi doesn’t want to be grown in a greenhouse though, so I might end up restarting some in a different bed.

I figured out how to get photoshop to merge several photos together. These don’t fit exactly perfect, but they give you an idea of what the walkway next to the front door looks like. click on the picture for a bigger version. There’s a Stock, a Shade Garden mix, balsam, calendula, nasturtiums, dwarf sweet peas, 4-o’clocks, nemophila, balloon flower, and some more nasturtiums. I need some more dirt in order to finish the rest of the walkway, which is about twice this long.