There have been repeated requests from the Last Track Fan Club (hi Kathy!) for pictures of the painted floor in Preston’s room, so here they are.

Preston started by doing a LOT of prep work. He scrubbed everything, and washed it down and went over every square inch with a wire brush and a putty knife in order to get all the old carpet pad and glue off the floor. He also puttied all the cracks and the holes from where the concrete nails had pulled away the concrete when when the carpet tacks were pried out. This prep process took about a week worth of evenings.

Then he primered over the whole floor with Killz (which we hear is the good stuff).

Once the primer was dry, he used blue masking tape to mark out his pattern. This part was very complicated because Preston is an engineer and he had to do all sorts of complicated trigonometry and calculus and other scary math things in order to get his triangles set up *just so*. Then he painted the not-triangle parts deep blue, the same color as his windowsill and door trim. Then he used a roller to apply two coats of polyurethane over the whole floor.

And then I forgot to take a picture of the final product until after our makeshift bed was already set up in there, so you’ll have to kind of extrapolate, but it looks pretty cool, if you ask me. It’s been finished for about 2 weeks now, and it seems to be holding up really well. There are a couple spots where he wasn’t able to get all the carpet glue off the concrete, and those spots have been wearing a little more obviously, but other than that it looks great. Altogether, I think it took about two weeks worth of evenings and a couple weekend days. And that even includes the
time to do trigonometry.