one stripy knitted sock

Now I just have to remember exactly how I made this one so that I can create a matching one. Which is a little too bad, because the foot part is a little too big for me, while the ankle part is quite a bit too big for Preston. I made it using a very cool pattern working from the toe-up, so that you can decide for yourself how many stitches and how many rows you want (instead of following a strict pattern). However, I didn’t really know how to fit it right so I made it a bit too big all over. And of course, I didn’t make a note of how many rows and stitches I used so I have no idea how to repeat the process. Silly me!

I’ve figured out the bus route to the park where I’m working for the summer, so that means about an hour of knitting time every work day, instead of 90 minutes of driving time. Hurray!