Click for a larger view. This is one one Olympia’s local characters. He carries his cats around with him on his bicycle, and I see him panhandling around the West End most days. At first, I didn’t approve at all. Living on a bicycle is no life for a cat, I thought. But as I saw him around more and more, I saw that these cats really love him. The black one will sometimes ride on top of the kitty carrier attached over the back wheel, and one day I watched him climb from the kitty carrier to the man’s shoulder and ride around a parking lot perched there happily. I’ve wanted to give the guy some money, but I think that giving gifts to someone who has no means to reciprocate is demeaning. Finally it occurred to me a couple days ago that paying someone for pictures is a socially acceptable model, and I asked him what he would charge me to take a few pictures of him with his cats. An interesting conversation followed, which I wish I had pursued further, and these pictures.