This is seriously the sweetest corn I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, I’m not just biased because it came from my own garden. I had to call mom yesterday to ask her how to tell when corn is ripe. She gave me some pointers and I decided tonight to have a go at a couple of them. OMG! I’m pretty sure I saved the seed packet so I can look up what kind it is. I planted it late, and we don’t really get enough heat here in the summer to grow much corn, so I didn’t really expect to get any corn at all. But a few of the plants got big enough to produce a medium sized ear (that’s not a full-sized plate in the picture), and it was so worth it. I was saving a chocolate/coconut muffin for dessert, but after the corn, I’m not really wanting anything else sweet. This probably means that it’s bad for me or something, doesn’t it?

And also, it’s a good thing it was that fabulous, because shucking them was an adventure.