Last night I went to my local knitter’s get-together. I’ve wanted to go for a long time, but then I almost chickened out last night. I’m so glad I went! The knitters were all super cool. (One thing I realized I like about knitting and crafting groups is that there is usually a range of ages present…the oldest woman was maybe in her 50’s, the youngest 20-something.) There were about a dozen people there, and I ended up spending most of the time talking to someone whose name I forgot (along with everyone else’s). She’s from Texas, but moved here to go to Evergreen. She was in her late 20’s or so. She lives off the grid in a trailer somewhere near the college. She’s planning to spend a couple months in Brazil this summer, where she’s going to study capoeira. Anyway, she was very groovy.

And, as I was driving to the bookstore (where the knitter’s meet) I was thinking about how I need to find out if the Deaf Coffee has started up again. And I was thinking that if I’m going to a knitting group, and climbing once a week, and working a couple of evenings, I’m running out of time to add in more groups. Well, how fortunate is it that there turns out to be a deaf woman at the knitting group! I heard her talking and recognized the deaf accent and asked her if she could sign (I signed the question to her). I was the only other person there who could sign, and it was so fun! She could read lips a bit, so she could catch bits of what was going on in the conversation, but with me there she could ask all about what other people were making and stuff. Of course, I don’t know the signs for things like “lace cardigan” so I ended up finger-spelling a lot, but she was very tolerant. She goes every week, and she said there are a couple other deaf women who often come. Whoo-hoo!

And just in case anyone is searching for Deaf Coffee meet-ups in Olympia, they’ve started up again at Cafe Artisan (which used to be Cafe Veritas, it’s the same place where it used to be, just a new name) every first Friday of the month.