Quite a while ago (6 months ago?), Kathy came to visit, and she bought us both some sock yarn and patterns for making toe-up socks. I had previously only made a couple hats. I tell you about my relative inexperience in order to justify the sad state of the socks to come. The first sock actually came along pretty well. I followed the instructions in Janet Rehfeldt’s “Toe-Up Techniques for Hand Knit Socks”. The book is brilliant and it helped me to understand how the sock gets shaped to a foot as you go. The fact that things did not turn out as planned has nothing to do with her instructions and everything to do with my inattention to them.

The first sock actually didn’t go too badly.

A little loose around the toe and heel, but definitely wearable as a house sock. But alas, and I’m not sure what happened, then there came the floppy sock of shame.

And by “I don’t know what happened”, I mean that I know exactly what happened but it’s too embarrassing to admit that I made such a dumb mistake and then chose not to frog it way down by the toe when I had the chance. Nope, I stayed in knitterly denial right up to the cuff, even managing to convince myself that there was no point in trying it on because it was going to be just the same as the first one, right? Mmm-hm. Right.

I’ve even washed it in super-hot water and dried it in the dryer, hoping that even though it’s superwash wool, it would shrink a little bit. Alas. So probably I will rip it out all the way to the first row after the cast-on (cuz that’s where the mistake started) and re-do the whole thing.

But first I’m taking a break from that project to make some wrist warmers. I’m using some of the wool that I spun myself on Kathy’s spinning wheel while I was in McCall this summer. It’s thick wool and #8 needles, so it’s going quickly. No pictures here because it will be the first post on a new blog project that I hope to have started in the next couple weeks. And by “couple weeks” I mean in something less than a year.