He has earned himself the name “Pavarotti” because dude has got some serious lung power. We still close him in the bathroom at night and when we’re not at home, and he thinks this is very unjust, even though we have tried to convince him that the bathroom is the Kitten Room of Fabulousness and Delight by leaving toys and food and! toilet paper! on the roll! He is not fooled.

He is actually maybe a bit smarter than we are used to in our cats. We love Magoo very much, but she’s not really that bright. We have a cat toy that consists of a hollow donut-shape with a ball inside it. There are holes cut into the hollow donut so that you can reach in and touch and feel the ball inside there, but it won’t come out. The exciting part is supposed to be that every time you reach your little paw inside there to get the ball, the ball goes rolling away around the tube. Fun for everyone! Except that Pavi and I had been playing with it for about 2 minutes when he very carefully reached through the opening with his toes spread wide like those basketball players that can palm a basketball. He placed his paw on the ball gently so it wouldn’t roll away, curled his wrist towards himself, pulling the ball snug against the too-small hole. Holding it there, he looked at me and said, “Look stupid lady. The hole is too small!” And then he walked away and never played with it again.

His very favorite toy of all is the crumpled up receipt on a string, right after our toes under the blankets.

Magoo still hates him, but she is starting to come around. Very slowly. She still hisses every time she sees him, but yesterday they both napped in the same room, and at one point Preston even had them both playing in the same room, with one toy in each of his hands.