We got a new kitten! We decided that Magoo was starting to get sort of complacent, and she needs someone to jump on her head from time to time. She doesn’t seem to appreciate it when Preston swoops her upside down and gives her noogies (he doesn’t believe me, but he SO needs a dog!), so a kitten it will be. We picked him out at the shelter on Saturday, he got fixed on Monday, and Preston brought him home last night. He is staying locked in the bathroom for the first 24 hours or so, in the hopes that Magoo will start to get acquainted through the door. So far, she has managed to pretend that she has no idea there’s any other cat around, let alone inside the house. Even last night when the kitten started meowing plaintively in the silence of 2am, loudly enough to wake us up to go check on him, Magoo stayed curled up on her chair and looked at us curiously, like, ” Meowing? No, I wasn’t meowing. You all can just go back to bed.” And then she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. You see why we think she needs someone to jump on her head every now and then.

The kitten (who does not yet have a name, but I’m pretty sure he’s french or italian) is all black with a dozen little white hairs on his chest. He has yellow eyes, and he is the most friendliest, purr-ingest little thing you have ever met. We were worried that he might wear his purrer right out last night. He is 4 months old, and spent most of that time at the shelter, so we are impressed that he is adjusting so quickly. Tonight, we will close the door on his kitty carrier (which he really likes and has adopted as his very own cave) and put him in the living room for Magoo to be forced to deal with. Hopefully, that will go smoothly and he will be able to wander freely in the rest of the house tonight.