Most of y’all are pretty sharp folks and have already figured out that I’m on hiatus, so this isn’t going to be big news or anything, but I’m going to take a break from the blog at least through the holidays. It turns out that actually taking a job seriously is hard work…who knew? I’m finding that at least for now, I don’t have time to blog from work, and I don’t have any interest in spending my few free hours per day on the computer. I may post the occasional picture or something, but for the most part, I will re-visit my comittment in January.

In the meantime, there are many good blogs out there and some of them are listed in that Blogroll column there on the left. In particular, there is a podcast I recommend, and not just because *I’m in it this week*! Yes, that’s right, you can hear me read my story of wilderness survival over on the Insubordiknit podcast this week. Plus some other cool stories too. (p.s. I didn’t pick the music that accompanies my story…let me know what you think of it.)

See y’all in a few weeks!