This last year, I’ve torn some tendons and damaged some cartilage in my knee, developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists (basically a fancy kind of tendonitis), and stopped wearing glasses. As I’ve been researching herbal and nutritional ways to support my various issues, I’ve been noticing something interesting. Many of the things used to support cartilage and tendons also have a beneficial effect on eyesight (i.e. bilberry and blueberries). And it seems like everything that I come across that benefits either one (eyes and/or tendons) also has a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels. All these connections make me wonder if there’s some connection that I don’t know about. I’m putting this out there in  case any of you have any sort of ayurvedic training or otherwise are familiar with a more eastern-style approach and have any ideas about these connections that might help me out. Thanks!!