There was a request a while back for an update on the house situation. We really haven’t done much inside this summer, other than having the woodstove installed (which is awesome!) But anyway, I wandered around a took a few pictures to show y’all how it looks these days. The garden was a bit of a bust this year. I think the lesson to be learned both this year and last is that I can’t expect the garden to do well if I’m gone for most of July.

Also in garden frustration, I keep hearing that we can grow things here year-round, but the people who are doing that must have some sort of deal with the Slug King, because anything that even starts to peer its little sprouts above-ground any time after September gets eaten to nothing in about 14 seconds. There’s no way to keep up with picking the slugs out of the garden. I’m not comfortable using any kind of slug killer with the cats and other wild animals around. What are you supposed to do about that? (For those of you who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, you might not understand that when I’m talking about slugs, I’m talking about something that could take out a Pomeranian. Seedlings don’t stand a chance.)

Anyway, I’m still thankful for the amazing tomatoes that we did get, and the purple cabbage was delicious in some crock-pot stew I made this week. And apparently slugs don’t care for arugula, because we got plenty of that! 🙂

Here are some general pictures of how things are around the place these days. (caution: there are pictures of spiders. I know some people appreciate a warning.)