I had so much fun with the first one, that I’m offering another one! This one will be a little different and about 4 times as cool as the first one (and the first one was already pretty cool). You can check out the flyer at http://www.knit-n-nature.com. Official registration starts the beginning of November, but I’m doing a special pre-registration rate just for people that are part of communities that I’m already involved in. I won’t be advertising the pre-registration price outside of these few existing communities.

This time we won’t be camping (cuz it’s really wet here in February!). We’ll be staying for two nights (February 27th and 28th) at the Waterway House at Fort Flagler, which is on an island off the northeast edge of the Olympic Peninsula. All meals are provided, as well as beds and hot baths and amazing magical beautiful surroundings. We’ll work with some native fibers, have plenty of time for story-telling, music-making, and, of course, knitting! And we’ll spend some time in the amazing rainforest learning about animal behavior, playing games, and listening to birds.

The special pre-registration sliding scale is $120-$150 (you decide what you can afford), and includes all meals, a shared room, and tons of adventure. This will be an amazing way to break up those mean ol’ post-holiday winter blues, and there are gift certificates available. Starting November 1st, the registration scale goes up to $150-$180.

You can get in touch with me here on LJ, or just email me at deandail@yahoo.com or call 360-584-6638.

Feel free to spread the word!