I finally finished spinning all the alpaca fiber that I had to send back to Peltzer Ranch Alpacas. They sent me about 4 pounds altogether, and I spun and sent back two pounds of it. I get to keep the rest of it for whatever I want. But what I want for right now is to not spin any more alpaca for a little bit! So instead I decided to get creative with a couple of little sample amounts of specialty fibers I have around. I’m carding together a mix of 50% silk/25% yak/25% baby camel and spinning it to a laceweight. Because I’m crazy like that. It’s the most luscious thing you’ve ever felt.

rolag of silk, yak, and camel

You can’t see the color as well in the rolag, but in the spun yarn it really looks luscious. I think it’s going to make a beautiful knitted fabric. I only am a little frustrated that I’m not getting a completely smooth yarn. Something about the handcarding seems to be creating little knots and tangles in the silk, so I have a yarn that’s a little snaggly. But it’s still okay, and whatever I make out of it is going to be beautiful.

bobbin full of spun silk, yak, and camel fiber