Weekend before last, Preston and I took a semi-spontaneous road trip down to visit my sister in Eugene, and then over to Florence and up the coast, hitting a couple surf spots on the way. I took lots of pictures, which I will mostly let speak for themselves. However, there are two plugs i need to make for places in Eugene, in case you ever find yourself there.

First up is the most amazing and fabulous yarn store in all of the land, which happens to be on 13th St in Eugene. It’s in this amazing old Victorian house, and it might seem a little intimidating if you’ve never been there or if you’re a new knitter because it kind of feels like you’re walking up to someone’s amazing house. Which you sort of are. Except that when you walk inside, each different room is devoted to a different kind of yarn. There’s the laceweight room, the bulky room, and also rooms for different fiber types. There’s a back room for spinning, with wheels and roving and big bags of raw wool. And there’s a room where they raise unicorns and spin rainbows. We got there an hour before they closed and it was not enough time to check out the whole place. It’s called Soft Horizons Fibre and you should go there.

We also went to a little place called the Pizza Research Institute. If you look up reviews online, you’ll find funny things like “dining area is about the size of a restroom” and “dark, dingy, and rude”. These things are probably true. But also the pizza will totally blow your mind. You’ll see in the pictures. It was amazing. You should go there.