We’ve finally settled on a name, so I can make the official intro. His name is Corrie (short for Corriedale, which is a kind of sheep bred for its wool). He’s pretty darn high-maintenance, but he’s going to be a rad dog. He rides in the car just fine. Sleeps most of the way through the night in his kennel without much fuss, and seems to be doing fine with the cats. So far, they are still bigger than him, so he keeps a respectful distance. He knows how to “sit”, sorta knows “down”, and knows “touch” (when I hold out my hand, he’ll touch it with his nose, even if I hold my hand far away from him). He knows his name, and he knows he’s not allowed in the bedroom (handwoven wool rug on the floor) or the bathroom (kitty food on the floor). He likes to help make kindling for the woodstove.

He comes to work with me, where we already have a shop dog. The shop dog is a purebred Bulldog, just over a year old, named Gus. Gus is a bit of a bully, and Corrie was pretty intimidated by him at first, but Gus also LOVES puppies, so they’ve quickly come to an understanding. Guss will let Corrie jump all over him and chomp down on his jowls and generally be a pest for quite a while.

But eventually Gus will get tired of him, and will knock him down. Corrie still isn’t very coordinated, so just a bit of a tap will knock him right over. Even from the bottom, Corrie will still be trying to nip at Gus’s ears or jowls, so eventually Gus will open his mouth wide, as wide as Corrie’s whole head, and will use his mouth to muzzle Corrie’s mouth shut, sort of like you would do with your hand if you were trying to hold
a dog’s mouth shut. That’s what he’s getting ready to do here, right after Corrie tries to latch onto that ear one more time.