Y’all it is full-on winter! I know I said that before, but since then it’s snowed another 6 inches or so, and it’s snowing as I write this. We have about a foot of snow on the ground, and more coming down. They’re predicting up to 4 inches more in the next day or two. And it’s not supposed to get above freezing for another week. It’s just weird! Preston got up on the roof today to shovel snow off the septic vents and the dryer vent. Pictures coming soon. Most folks’ cars are snowed in completely, so it’s fun to walk through the neighborhood and run into everyone out walking.

Corrie has me out walking twice a day, which has been a lot of fun (although I’m sometimes cranky about it before-hand). These photos coming up are from the very beginning of the storm, a few days ago, when it was still exciting and novel that there was a skiff of snow on the ground. The first ones in the series are from a local park where you can walk down to the Sound. The inlet creek was frozen over, so when Corrie accidentally jumped in the Sound, I was worried that he would freeze before we walk the half mile back to the truck. But all was well. (“Accidentally” in the sense that he saw some bubbles out in the water and forgot that there was water there when he went to pounce on the bubbles. It was pretty funny.) Then there are several pics from the backyard and around the neighborhood with what was already an extraordinary amount of snow, although we’ve now got several more inches. I’ll have the pics from today up soon.