dead end street with snow

We are having a full-on winter storm. I know, for those of you in Montana and Alaska and such, this doesn’t count for much, but in this neck of the woods the city has maybe one snowplow and none of the roads are sanded or salted or anything. And also, many of the people who live here didn’t grow up in places like Montana or Alaska and so don’t know how to drive on snow and ice, or even that maybe one should avoid driving on snow and ice, if possible. We have around 8 inches in the backyard, although I don’t know what the official count is for snowfall in the last 2 or 3 days.

backyard fence with snow

That means that I have a solid excuse for taking snow days from work, since the roads are bad and traffic is bad, and a lot of my job I can do from home anyway. So Corrie and I have been playing in the snow a bunch (pictures coming soon) and hanging out by our fabulous wood stove. Various predictions ( and NOAA) say that we aren’t supposed to get above freezing for the next week, and the snow should stick around, and maybe even accumulate more. That’s fun and novel, but it does jeopardize our holiday plans. If roads are still like this the day after Xmas, we won’t be heading to Eugene to visit the fam. That would be a bummer.

Corrie thinks the whole thing is pretty swell (although he doesn’t know about the potential for missing Xmas). It’s pretty hard to capture a picture of him in the snow, since it seems to be some sort of puppy speed, but this might give you some idea how he feels about it. (click for bigger)