Well, once again we are happy that we decided against buying a house in Centralia.

centralia flood

While there is some flooding around Olympia, we are happy to be on a hill. It’s definitely wet here, but there’s no standing water in our yard or around the neighborhood. We are stuck here, and I’m glad that I’m not stuck in Boise on the other side of the passes (which I might be if I had gone over for the after-xmas visit). Currently, every pass over the Cascade range is closed, as well as 20 miles of I-5 south of Olympia. In order to get from Portland to Olympia (normally about 100 miles) you’d have to take a 400 mile detour right now (since most of the back roads are flooded also). Trains also aren’t running, and I don’t know about the airports. So let’s hope that we don’t have any urgent reason to get out of here, since we’ll be on a bit of an island for the next few days.

Also, I’ve been thinking about things that i will miss when civilization collapses, and here’s one of them.

Xmas lights covered in snow

If you would like to see the current gratiuitous cute picture of Corrie, you will have to click over to the Dailey’s Weekly where you will see him helping us open Xmas presents.