I just finished reading a couple books that have me re-inspired with photography. One was about shutter speed and the other was about using the RAW file format to process pictures. RAW files are ginormous, and I can only fit about 40 of them on my memory card, so it’s kind of fun to spend a couple hours in the ravine behind our house and limit myself to only 40 shots. I’m used to being able to take more than a hundred. You can’t see a lot of what I’m playing with in this slideshow, because you’d really only see it in print, but it’s super cool. None of these pics have been modified in Photoshop; this is essentially what you would see coming off of your camera if your camera was programmed by me.

Also, isn’t Corrie turning into quite the handsome young man? 😉

Click over to flickr to see the slideshow full-size. it’s much better bigger.