No, not llamas, Lammas. Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh and it’s the first of three annual harvest festivals in the Pagan tradition. It’s a harvest celebration and also a celebration of craft, so I figured it was a perfect holiday for making truffles and knitting! Lammas is traditionally celebrated on August 1st, but in the grand tradition of switching around pagan holidays to fit wherever you want them to (see: Christmas), I’ve decided that the Lammas celebration will be at my house on August 3rd, because that’s a Monday and that’s how us knitters roll.

The details:

What: Lammas and Chocolate
When: August 3rd 7pm – 9pm
Where: DeAnna and Kara’s kitchen (e-mail for directions or call DeAnna 360-584-6638)
  *Makings for your favorite truffle recipe (if you don’t got one, ask the internet)
  *Alcoholic Beverage of your choice (harvest festivals are all about the libations)
  *A few slices of your favorite bread to share (harvest festivals=grains…also, bread is good for palate cleansing between truffles)
  *Your knitting, or craft of your choice (is tassel-twirling a craft? I think so.)
  *A musical instrument if’n ya got one (or two!)

Feel free to invite a friend (or two!) but please RSVP so I have an idea how many bodies we’ll be fitting into my little living room and kitchen. The more the merrier! And even if you don’t RSVP, you can come anyway. Also, you can come even if you’re not a knitter. We’re not knittist around here, you just gotta like chocolate (and maybe libations).