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In The Woods (1:45 – 7:40)

  • The mystery shrub with banana peel leaves
  • Tons of licorice root fern and bright green moss
  • Dryer sheets? What’s up with those?

Fiber Projects (7:40 – 17:45)

Here’s the photo of the to-be-spun pile at the start of the project

Stories(17:45 – 33:10)

Here’s Sarah trying to keep Nancy and Bruneau under control while Dad gets in position to take pictures.

And here’s 10-year old Sarah hauling Bruneau cross the water by brute force. What you might take for a smile on her face is actually the grimace you make when you are using all of your strength. You can see that Bruneau’s neck is stretched out to full length and he’s got his back legs braced, trying to not take one more step.

And here’s Sarah at camp later that day, enjoying a snack by the campfire.