Fed and watered horses, cats, dogs, and fish, as appropriate. (Only the inside fish, cuz the koi won't eat unless the water is at least 50 degrees.) Managed locations of cats pre-departure (one cat will kill the other if they are left alone unattended). Took Mom into Great Falls (40 miles away) for her flight to Qatar. Stopped at the grocery store in town to stock up for two weeks. Drive home, unload and put away groceries. Horses are done with their morning hay, so muzzles go on the two horses that are likely to founder, then they are all turned out to pasture. Fork all the horse poop out of the corral. Give Corrie a bath, since he thought it would be helpful to roll in a big pile of horse poop while my back was turned. (Fortunately, Mom has a heated outdoor hose, so I can bathe him easily outside.) And now…time for breakfast!! It's 9am by my body clock. Fresh mango, strawberry, and banana with vanilla yogurt and a homemade mocha. Yes, that's right, I brought my espresso machine with me. What?