The rains came back today. 1/2 inch expected today, and another 1/2 inch tomorrow. It made for a wet day in the woods today, but my new group of families seems to be all troopers. We spent a couple hours experimenting with making fire in such wet conditions, and finally settled on hemlock branches and cedar bark as the best options. One enterprising young gentleman (6 years old) heard me mention that you can also make cedar bark into rope. He immediately started collecting little piles of it so that he could make it into rope. We didn’t have time to do that today, but I’ll make sure it’s on the agenda next month. It’s so interesting to me how some folks, even really young ones, pick it up so instinctively while others struggle with it and don’t seem to ever really enjoy it.

On my agenda for the afternoon was to make the template for cutting my roof rafter for my wee house in the backyard, but it was so grey and rainy and nappish that the dog and I are chilling on the couch next to the woodstove. I keep thinking I’m going to jump up at any moment, but the light is already waning, and my spinning wheel is sitting right here next to the couch with some beautiful merino ready to go. Any guesses what I’m going to end up doing with my evening? Might as well start the teapot now 🙂

What was it like for you when you started spinning? Did you struggle, or did it seem very natural? Or maybe some of both? For me, doing it primitive hand-wrapping style seemed very natural, but I struggled with the spindle. Oddly, using a wheel for the first time made the spindle make much more sense to me, and now I use the spindle more than the wheel, even though I have easy access to both.