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I do not feel like writing a blog entry today. I’m sure you can relate. Some days, you just don’t wanna. I also didn’t feel like writing one yesterday or the several days before that. It seems likely that I won’t especially feel like writing one tomorrow either. But the fact is, a blog entry must be written, and I haven’t figured out how to teach my dog to type yet.

As much as possible, it makes sense to create your job in such a way that you love each and every part of it. That’s a very fine goal, but chances are there are going to be some parts of it that you don’t love, or at least that you don’t love at every moment. Even if you usually like camming (or editing databases, or filing, or posting new hosted galleries), there might be days when you aren’t really feeling it but the budget requires that you do it anyway. We’ll probably talk a lot here in this blog about how to set up your life so that there are a minimum of these things to deal with, but what about when you just have to deal with it anyway?

I’ve come across two things lately that made me think about this issue. One was this quote from Goethe:

Cease endlessly striving for what you would like to do and learn to love what must be done.

Cuz really, it’s all about your attitude, init? It reminds me of the little I know of cloistered life, where every action is a prayer — from washing dishes to mowing the lawn. Learn to love the details of your life, and you will find that your life is more beautiful than you had realized. There is beauty in a mundane task done well. See it, and the mundane becomes easier to manage.

The second is an idea from Huna, which is a belief system based in ancient Hawaiian mysticism. In this system, your subconscious is called your “ku”, and it is the job of your conscious mind to train your ku how to act appropriately. It’s your ku that actually creates action. Have you ever had the experience where in your conscious mind you’ve decided, “Okay, really-for-real. I’m going to sit down and finish editing this photo gallery” and then 3 minutes later you have to pee. And then you sit down again, but you realize your tea has cooled off too much, so you heat it up a little. And then you sit down again, but three minutes later you realize your feet are cold so you have to go find some socks. You know what I’m talking about, right? So this is a problem where your conscious mind has decided something, but your ku isn’t on board. Your ku is actually the one in charge here, and unless you’ve got its support, then you’re not going to get that task done. It never really works to try to force it. You have to train your ku, and it works best if you train your ku using positive, supportive methods. So today, I sat down to write this blog entry. I set myself up for winning in a couple of ways.

1) I’m helping my ku to understand that this is the desired behavior by making it a regular scheduled activity. I’ll be writing a blog entry here every Monday. Making things predictable is easier for the ku to understand. Your ku has its own personality of course, but mine likes things to be very orderly and predictable.

2) By sitting down to write this entry every Monday, I will show my ku a little at a time what the behavior looks like. When I taught my dog to Sit, it took more than once. We had to try it lots of times, with lots of treats, before I’m fairly certain that he knows exactly what I mean and can do it on command. Repetition is good.

3) Speaking of treats, I get a reward after I’m done with this article. There’s this logic puzzle that I’ve been working on solving for more than a year. When I finish this, I get to work on it for a few more minutes. If you like logic puzzles too, check it out http://jayisgames.com/games/manufactoria/ It’s the most deceptively awesome game ever.