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Sometimes my partner and I have arguments. If you have a partner, you probably do too. If you have more than one partner, things are exponentially even more complicated. In the more than a decade that my partner and I have been together, I’ve noticed a trend in our arguments. Something like 90% of them are really just a confusion about semantics, and after we’ve gone around the same circle several times (and we really live it up in this phase sometimes…one time we spent a whole week-long vacation on the coast arguing seriously and vehemently and nearly broke up over the question of whether or not gravity is truly a constant), we almost always eventually realize that we are really actually saying the same thing, just saying it in different ways. (In a quantum sort of way, gravity is relative just like time. But if you step off the roof, you will perceive yourself to approach the ground at the same speed no matter how many times you do it.)

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t updated here in a while, even though just a few posts back I said I was going to do it every Monday. For a couple weeks there, I was feeling really guilty about that. I’m all about keeping my word and meeting commitments. But on the other hand, I’m also pretty interested in making money, and I have’t been updating here because I’ve had so much paying work that I haven’t had time. And I started to realize that this all actually ties in with my previous post about making goals, and with this recurring theme in my life of slippery semantics.

I had set a goal to update this blog every Monday. But recently when I stopped to think about it, I realized that’s not an accurate representation of my goal. My goal is to make money. This blog doesn’t directly make me money, but I maintain it as part of a whole package that I use to market myself to make money. Updating this blog isn’t a goal in itself, it’s one action that I take in pursuit of the larger goal. It doesn’t make any sense to blindly continue with a particular action (regular blog updates), once the goal has already been met, or in particular if the action would actually *keep* me from meeting that goal (making money).

So my goal hasn’t actually changed, but the semantics have. It’s not my goal to update this blog on a regular schedule. It’s my goal to take whatever actions best position me to make money. The last few weeks, the best action has been to do paying work. When I don’t have pressing work, or when I just feel like I have something to say, I’ll post a blog. Unless I’ve gone surfing instead. I’m heading to Puerto Vallarta in March, and I have a goal to be able to stick my pop-up by then.