I’m so pleased with everything about how this project is working out! I’ve been making hand-dyed, handspun, handwoven scarves for a while now and selling them occasionally. About 6 weeks ago, someone handed me a last minute opportunity to supply scarves to some celebrities on the VIP list at the NY Food and Wine Festival. It was a crazy 6 weeks of spinning, dyeing, and weaving, but I pulled it off. I took the finished scarves to New York last week and handed them off to my liaison, who is handing them out to VIPs even as I write this. The day I got back home to Olympia, I scrambled to finish up the official website, so that as soon as the celebrities get their scarves and starting lining up to order more (as I’m sure they will), there will be a legit place to make an order. I got that finished last night, and I hope you’ll go take a look at it. I’m really proud of my handcrafted scarves.