I wrote a little collection of essays, and am experimenting with the Amazon publishing process. I’m pretty proud of it, and the process has been way more rewarding than I expected. I’m really inspired to commit to writing more, and more often.

Here’s the Amazon description:
Big-hipped women, rock climbing with faith healers, wintertime skinny-dipping, a near-death experience, and making fire by rubbing sticks together are just a few of the things this little collection has to offer. Not to mention a scientific inquiry into what it means to be wrong, and also some crawdads.

A delicious handful of essays that you’ll want to roll around in your mouth like a butterscotch candy.

The author has collected stories that will inspire you to go outside more, face your own fears, picture yourself on a distant stormy beach, and wonder what kind of education your children are getting when they aren’t with you. In just over 10,000 words, there’s a lot covered in this small book. You best get started now.

It currently has 10 5-star reviews, and is ranking #1 in Nature Writing and Adventurers/Explorers!