Sometimes, an adventure gets your heart racing.

Sometimes, an adventure allows you a moment to pause and catch your breath.

For the last two weeks I’ve been house-sitting for my mom, which is a nearly full-time job. She has a beautiful place in northern Montana with two diabetic horses, cats, pasture that needs watered regularly, acres of lawn, and a dog who is recovering from two elbow surgeries and a knee surgery. I had thought it was going to be a bit of an adventure, but it turned out to be a lot more stress and a lot less fun than I was expecting (as adventures sometimes do).

So by the time I was driving home a few days ago, I was ready for some ease and calm. During the hot summer, I like to drive through the night whenever I can in order to beat the heat so I left her place at about 5pm, slept for a few hours at a rest stop near Spokane and tried to make it the rest of the way across the desert before the summer heat kicked it.

moses-lakeWe got to Moses Lake, WA at about 9am and we were already toasty warm. My road trip van doesn’t have air conditioning, and these Toyota vans don’t insulate very well from the heat of the engine (which is right under the seats – great for winter time adventures). I’d only checked out the actual lake in Moses Lake once before, years ago, and this seemed like a good time for a second visit.

Just a short jaunt down the shoreline from the free parking area, and Corrie had found us a shady spot and a good fetching stick and we settled in to cool down and regroup.


I’ve been pondering since we started this project about what qualifies something as a MicroAdventure. Does it have to be exciting? Dangerous? Do MicroAdventures always mean being outside your comfort zone? I realized as I sat here on the lakeshore with my feet in the cool water that, for me, an adventure only requires that it be outside of the normal flow of my day/week/life. I am very very fortunate in having a life that is almost always comprised of whatever I want to do. When that is the fabric of one’s days, sometimes it’s hard to tell when something is an adventure and when it’s just living life.

The kinds of MicroAdventures that I need in my life right now are the kind that allow me to sit in the dirt for a minute and catch my breath on the edge of an unexplored lake I’ve driven by a hundred times before. Maybe throw a stick or two for the dog.


How about you? What adventure are you missing out on, driving by on the freeway without stopping to get your feet wet?