When Sarah and I went for our little lunchtime MicroAdventure earlier this week, we were talking about how so often stories get told on Facebook or elsewhere, and they only cover the awesome parts. It gives the illusion that all adventures are great, and worthwhile, and go off without a hitch. Only rarely do you hear about something gone wrong, or the yellow jacket trying to take the turkey out of your sandwich, or how you forgot a really important item. You hear those stories sometimes, if enough things have gone wrong that it turned into a fiasco. But mostly if everything comes out okay, we don’t tell the not okay parts. So just for the sake of full disclosure, I thought I would share all the things that did not go right about my lunchtime MicroAdventure plan with Sarah.

  • Sarah’s appointment ran over, so she was 15 minutes late to meet me.
  • She didn’t get my text in time, so didn’t get the message that she should put on walking shoes and was in dress shoes instead.
  • The place I wanted to take her ended up taking a few minutes longer to drive to than I expected. In part because I took a wrong turn and had to turn around.
  • The parking area for the walking trail was under construction, so we couldn’t park there. We had to park about 1/2 mile down the road in a closed business parking lot with clear Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed signs, and walked in the grassy ditch alongside the narrow, high-speed road to the walking path.
  • When we got to our park bench finally, I realized that I had mis-remembered and it was not in the shade. So we ate our lunches in the glaring sunlight and talked about how we were choosing to ignore the sweat running down our backs.
  • Sarah had forgotten sunglasses or a sunhat, though she can’t be blamed for that since I hadn’t warned her that we would be sitting in the sun for 40 minutes. (I had at least remembered to pack some sunscreen, just in case.)
  • There were no bugs out. I know that seems like a positive thing, but part of my plan was that there would be some bugs and then I would get to demonstrate my amazing foresight, in that I had packed some great organic bug repellant that had been crafted by my herbalist friend in Alaska. But I didn’t get to show that off.
  • I forgot the thermos of coffee in the car. So although I had handmade ceramic coffee cups, creamer, and sugar, the coffee was 1/2 mile away. We did without.
  • There were no notable birds at the pond. I had picked this spot and packed binoculars especially because I have often seen really interesting birds there. But not that day. Sarah tried to make me feel better about it by saying, “Well, I saw one cute duck…”
  • We got Sarah back to her car nearly 40 minutes after I told her I would have her back. Leaving her about 20 minutes to make the hour long drive to her next work appointment.

Was it still better than grabbing a drink and a muffin at Starbucks? There’s no question. I’d do it again in a second.