screenshot-by-nimbus (27)You ever have those moments when you aren’t sure if you are an absolute genius, or just came up with the most terrible idea ever? That’s sort of how I felt when I realized I could list my RV on AirBnB on nights that we aren’t going somewhere in it.

So far, things are shaking out on the side of “absolute genius”. I live in the capitol city and along the main West Coast freeway corridor, so there’s plenty of travelers here. Within a week of listing it, I’ve had three reservations. Two have stayed already, and there’s a third one coming up. Both of the finished stays have been really easy. (We never even saw the first guests – they came and left quietly and left the bed made perfectly when they left.) I do some quick cleaning in between and wash a load of sheets and it’s good to go for the next spontaneous trip, or the next paying guest.

I spent about $60 on some waterproof mattress covers and new sheets for the two beds. The first two stays have more than paid for that. From here on out, each night that someone stays pays for about one tank of gas to travel wherever we like. Or, if I want to do the math in a different way, just 98 more nights of guests in the RV will pay off the purchase price of the RV itself.

Between this and the amount of money we save on hotels and eating out on the road, I can’t believe I waited so long to buy an RV! (Not to mention that it’s just rad. Even if there wasn’t a cost savings involved, I’d love traveling rv-style.)

(p.s. If you’re in Olympia, come stay in my RV! )