So far, we’ve dealt with a non-functioning blower motor for our furnace, a blown fuse that turned out all the lights and the water pump in the RV, a cold night in a rest area *right* on the interstate, a trip to Walmart (for replacement fuses), and a frozen backwater drain.

We’ve also stayed at our first official RV park (it was nice!), eaten delicious home-cooked food on the road, enjoyed a light snowfall from the warmth of our little rolling fort, walked the dog (and cat!) in novel and beautiful places, and got far enough south that the sun is warming up the cab of the truck through the windshield (even though it’s still close to freezing outside).

Each one of those things feels like a whole blog post in itself. I want to share the whole series of pictures of getting to use my new multimeter to figure out the fuse issue, and talk all about the interesting things I noticed in the RV park, and what it’s like walking a cat on the leash. I’m still learning how to balance appreciating the novelty of everything we’re doing and seeing, and still getting my work done, and also documenting all of it.

I really really want to document all of it though! Because it is so awesome!