In the driveway.

It must get easier, right? All the packing and organizing, managing logistics, cleaning out the fridge, and remembering where we stored the dog food last time. We aren’t on the road yet, but we are beat. Totally 100% tired.

It didn’t help that we both got colds in the couple days leading up to departure. Nor that the furnace went out 2 days before. Nor that we discovered (upon filling it for the first time since we bought the RV) that we have an incorrectly mounted propane tank that doesn’t work when fully filled. I’m pretty sure these are the kind of things we are going to look back on and chuckle eventually. But right now, we are just tired.

We have a temporary renter moving into our place for the next few weeks while we are on the road, and her arrival today was both a blessing and a complication. If it hadn’t been for her boxes appearing in our living room, we might still be in there trying to decide if we should take “both guitars or just one guitar and the banjo”?

There are some final details to pack up tomorrow morning before we leave, but we are close enough to ready that we’re spending a preliminary night in the RV in the driveway. One final trial run before we head out for 6 weeks. Being on the road HAS to be easier than the last week that we’ve spent packing.