It’s easy to fall into one trap or the other, where we live. Either, we only interact with the mostly liberal yuppies that comprise most of the population in the Pacific Northwest, or we believe that the whole darn nation is full of only our militarized police force and evil corporations and/or commies trying to take away our guns and/or anarchist welfare queens trying to milk the food stamp system (depending on which news source you focus on).

We think that’s probably not accurate, but we don’t have any good way of knowing for sure, from our little suburban house on the edge of the proper little town where we live. So we’re hitting the road.

There are a lot of reasons we want to be on the move, but one of them is our desire to reconnect with the actual citizens of our country. People with stories and bad jokes, loss and grief and love, people who are who they are because of the lives they have lived. We want to hear about those lives and loves and, yes, even the bad jokes.