So, you’re heading out for 6 weeks on the open road – freedom, travel, adventure, nonstop awesomeness! And then 3 weeks out, you realize that you’re really tired and the clutch is about to go out in your old RV, and one of you is going to have to fly across the country in order to help out a friend.

At least, that’s how it happened for us. I was the one who needed to fly away for a week, and Preston decided he wasn’t really interested in being stuck in the California desert with our two high maintenance pets and a faulty transportation system. So we beelined it back to home in Olympia. Because that too is part of the freedom of the mobile lifestyle; us digital nomads can also go home whenever we want to. 2015-01-28 20-51-31Overall, we went just over 2300 miles in 3 weeks and that was way too many miles, or at least the way we divided them up was not the best way for us. We’re thinking next time we’ll try pushing through high miles for 2 or 3 days at a time, with 3 or 4 days of staying in one place in between. This time, we couldn’t seem to find a good balance between high mile days and days when we needed to lay low. So we ended up laying low in places like the Bakersfield RV Resort, which honestly was perfect for what we needed right then. (Laundry facilities, a sauna, and a passably good restaurant on site.) But would have been a whole lot better if we could have been anywhere other than Bakersfield (Bakers “what’s that smell” field) when we needed a place to crash land for a couple days.

We did the second 1000 miles in 3 days. We got home on a Friday night, and I flew out on Sunday to help a friend having emergency brain surgery (it turned out very well!). After that week in Boise, I was so far behind on my official paying work that I needed to lay low for a week and get caught up.

So, tonight I’m working on a client site launch. I’ll be in town and online for a few days in order to make sure that site is stable and self-sustaining, and then I have me some reservations at the La Push resort for 3 whole days! There’s no internet there, and I plan to leave my computer at home, sit in the jacuzzi tub overlooking the beach, and figure out what our next adventure should be. I’ll keep you posted.