What an amazing and educational week this first week on the road has been. We’ve covered 1000 miles as of today, which is not so very far to go in a week (Preston once drove from North Carolina to Washington State in 81 hours, start to finish), but we’ve learned countless lessons already about how to be functional while traveling in an RV.

We’ve met some awesome people (and a few weirdos). We’ve both dealt with pretty miserable colds while on the road. So far, so good.

Here’s where we’ve gone so far.
screenshot-www.google.com 2015-01-04 17-51-52
Notice that each stopping point becomes closer and closer together as the week goes on. We are learning how to change our expectations for miles traveled in a day. It’s possible to drive all they way across the country in three days, but it’s not possible to keep doing that day after day and also work nearly full time – even if one works remotely.

Today was probably the first day that we actually limited ourselves to a reasonable number of hours in the RV for a day, and we traveled about 60 miles. (In this case, 8 of those miles was on super-sketchy washed out backcountry dirt roads, for which our Toyota Dolphin may not be perfectly suited, and another 30 miles was on very narrow, twisty paved back roads.) In total, that was about 3 or 4 hours in the RV. Today is the first day that we weren’t all (pets included) having a meltdown by the end of the day.

So it seems like we might be starting to figure some things out. Only one week out is pretty early in this adventure. More details to come about the people we’ve met and specific things we’ve done, but I wanted to share the overview of where we’re at so far.